About Us

Welcome to the DiviTrain Tech Academy

DiviTrain is originally a Dutch education company with a proven track record of almost 20 years providing the latest award-winning IT courses through our innovative video-based e-learning CertKits complete with live labs for practicing, our unique 24/7 live help, and 365 days access per course! These days DiviTrain provides her courses all over the world. Starting early 2021 we will also franchise our concept.

With almost 20 years experience in business and IT education, we developed and launched the DiviTrain Tech Academy to provide students all over the world with a genuine high-quality educational establishment that delivers 100% on its promises.

Experience has taught us that to enable people to get from zero to a high-quality position within the Tech Industry in a relatively short space of time requires excellent award-winning education and Industry Recognized Qualifications. 

Thank-you for choosing the DiviTrain Tech Academy, and we look forward to welcoming you soon!